Pesto81's Favorite Wallpapers

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  Wonderland This is an amazing work I found through I'd give more information but there doesn't seem to be a homepage for the site.
Azumanga Daioh    
  Yoruichi San Here's one I made of Yoruichi from Bleach, one of my favs from that series. Nice and dangerous... and not affraid to bathe with boys :)
  Neliel and Halibel The hot as hell Espadas, Neliel and Halibel
Burst Angel    
  Endless Road A nice shot of Jo, Megumi, Sei, and Amy. I believe this was one of the main shots they used in NewType Magazine altered nicely by the folks at Desktop Anime
  Jo An awesome picture of Jo taking on some badies. High resolution.
Code Geass    
  Kalen and Gurren Kalen, my favorite character and her gurren.
  Code Geass Hotties The more popular hotties of Code Geass... in Bikinis. What more could you ask.
Cowboy Bebop    
  Halloween Ed and Ein Ed and Ein all dressed up for Halloween. Ooh scary!
  My Funny Valentine She's stacked, she's packin heat, she'll steal more than your heart. It's Faye Valentine!
  Spike Pic of Spike Speigal with pidgeons flyin in the background.
  Silhouettes Silhouettes of the whole crew.
  Etna and Flonne This is the best one I've seen. There's lots of good ones though. This one has the duo in front of a water fountain.
  Pleinair Our secret character Pleinair and many Usagis!
Dragonball Z    
  The Z-Team I remember snagging up every DBZ wallpaper I could. This is one of my favorite two. I forgot how small was considered normal monitor resolution back then.
Elfen Lied    
  Lucy Freed Good one of Lucy breaking out of her cell with the opening scene artwork in the background.
Fate/Stay Night    
  Fate/Stay Night I really like this pic and the art I've seen from this series. Finally found the name of it. It's a video game. I'll definitely have to check out the game.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children    
  Tifa Attack! This capture courtesy of the fight between Tifa and Loz, Sephiroth's brother.
  Casual Cooly The band from Fooly Cooly chilling out. I love the style in this head trip series.
  Cute Angel Girl So I had this as my background a long time and absolutely adore the character design. To my dismay it's from an H-Game. Oh well we'll just pretend I don't know that and keep the innocent thing stuck in my mind.
Full Metal Alchemist    
  Alphonse Elric Our favorite kid brother during a fight with Lust.
  FMA Montage Ed, Alphonse, Winry, Risa, Mustang, Envy, Lyra, and Hohenheim posing.
  The Brothers Elric The boys both with their human bodies restored. Looks to be in "our dimension".
Guilty Gear    
  Dizzy Split Here's one of the most fanservicy characters from Guilty Gear. As you can see she's controlled by a demonic and angelic gear. She's kewl, just not as kewl as Millia, May, or Jam.
  Millia's Kingdom Millia Rage in an awesome scene with a castle. My fav fighter of this killer game.
  Baiken's Universe Baiken in a solar system kind of backdrop. Great colors. I will figure out how to do good with this fighter some day.
Gurren Lagann    
  Kamina Burst Kamina exploding into action, as is his over the top way.
  Overshadowed Simone in Kamina's Shadow
  Nia in space! Nia after her conversion... of hawtness
  Comic Yoko A comic styalized version of Yoko
  Yoko This is a very nice vector of our badass gun toter.
  Kagome and Kilalas Kagome's sittin at the base of a tree with a bunch of very cute Kilalas. I'd overcome my allergies for Kilala. I'm all bout a cat that can eat that damn loud neighbor.
  Sesshomaru Sweet scan of one of the Japanese calendars with Sesshomaru in the moonlight. Good high res pic too.
Love Hina    
  The Hina Hotspring Oh crap, don't hit me!... ok just a little
  Toga Party! All the girls in togas. Nuff said.
  Naru, Kitsune, Shinobu n Pj's Replace Shinobu with Motoko and there you'd have the perfect picture.
Mai Hime    
  Natsuki Hime Ya know, I haven't even seen much of this series yet and what I did see had this chick as really not a nice girl but damn she's fine. Dig it ;)
Martian Successor Nadesico    
  Ruri Neko Ruri Hoshino in her kitty costume eating ramen. Can't get much cuter than that. Sorry, joo lose.
  Naruto Suspects Mug shot of the girls from Naruto including Sakura, Ino, Temari, and Hinata.
  Goodbye Hinata Hinata grown up and fighting for the one she loves
  Shikamaru The shadow master himself just chillin.
  Temari A clean well done pic of Temari and her fan.
  Sasuke Awesome background on this one. Great style. Sasuke as a kid.
  Kakashi's Kids An interesting one of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke in some traditional festival get ups.
  Tsunade and Naruto Tsunade Kissing Naruto on the forehead like she did to her bro and her sweetie when they too were trying to earn the title of hokage.
  Seductive Anko Ok I have been getting a lot of people searching for stuff like "Tsunade Boobs" and "Anko Boobs" so here's the most tastefull thing I've found for Anko. Enjoy!.....
Oh and it's still NSFW.
  Nausicaa Sunset I'm a huge fan of the Hayao Miyazaki films. Nausicaa was definitely one of my top favorites so far. This wall is Nausicaa herself chilling out on a hill with an awesome sunset.
Neon Genesis Evangelion    
  Misato and Shinji Misato and Shinji's kiss. Such a sad part of that story line.
  Rei in Kimono Rei in a kimono under a cherry blossom tree.
  Asuka's Good Side Asuka's all growed up in that bikini.
  Asuka and Rei My favorite Eva wall of the two girls looking determined.
  Group Publicity Cute Gainax publicity art courtesy of Mine Yoshizaki known for Keroro Gunso.
  Asuka's Publicity More Gainax publicity art from Mine Yoshizaki. So cute ^^
  Asuka's and Eva 02 A monumental view of Asuka and unit 02.
  Eva Girls 2.0 This gen's girls of Eva hanging with Pen Pen.
  Kaji and Misato Kaji and Misato sharing a sweet moment.
  Mari unplugged Mari the new kid in her plug suit.
  Mari Tombstones Scenery of Mari in a field of Eva'esque tombstones
  D.Va out of Suit Look out, she's got a gun!
  D.Va with Bunny Killing with kewt.
  Tracer Cheers Love.
Phantom Brave    
  Ash, Marona, and Castille Main chars with an island/dungeon background.
Rick and Morty    
  Time to Flee Rick and Morty putting the portal gun to good use.
  Riviera Archer I don't know the actual plot to this game or what type it is but I heart archers. Note to self check out Riviera and hope it's the strategy game it looks like and not another H-Game
Rurouni Kenishen    
  Kenishen and Sano Kenishen and Sano chillin out in a trippy background.
The Slayers    
  Lina and Gowry An odd ratio simple wall of our favorite small chested Sorceress and lovable dumb guy.
  Zelgadis and Amelia An odd ratio simple wall of Zelgadis the stoic and Amelia the... well she tries.
  Dita of Vandread Dita posing for a good wallpaper. One of few good Vandread walls I've seen.
  Elly and Fei Elly and Fei enjoying a peaceful sunset.
Dual Monitor Wallpaper    
  Swimsuits! Here's Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion and Chidori from Full Metal Panic in some nice swimming attire.
  Naughty/Nice Angel Sweet pic of a dark angel and a sweet angel from the game Frontwing which no I have not played.
  Halloween A witch from To Heart and Ed and Ein from Cowboy Bebop celebrate Halloween in style.
  Bleach The badass guys and gals of Bleach... and of course plenty of fanservice.

Most of these can be found at my favorite wallpaper sites. Ask for details or check out the links page and look for yourself.